Mozart Enfant Prodige

Mozart Enfant Prodige
DATA: 25-06-2023
ora: 17:00

MOZART ENFANT PRODIGE  – 25 GIUGNO 2023 ore 17 – Villa Longoni, Desio
Filarmonica Ettore Pozzoli
Piano: He Jun Li
Conductor: Mauro Bernasconi
Music by Mozart, Chopin, Liszt




Tickets are available: online at

at VILLA LONGONI Via Achille Grandi 41 – DESIO from June 5th to June 9th, from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM, and on the day of the event starting from 4:00 PM. Tickets are priced at 20 euros, including the aperitif and buffet.


The Filarmonica Ettore Pozzoli concludes the fifth edition of the renowned music season “I Grandi Concerti” with two unmissable events: “Aperitivi in Musica 2023” held at Villa Longoni in Desio.

The “Aperitivi in Musica” project offers an innovative and engaging cultural experience that aims to:

  • Engage the audience with original creative content
  • Create opportunities for cultural socialization
  • Spread the masterpieces of classical music and stimulate curiosity
  • Convey the appreciation and awareness of the historical and artistic heritage of the territory.

Each event features a one-hour concert, introduced by a brief presentation to guide the listening experience, followed by a meeting with the artists and event protagonists, where an aperitivo will be served.

Prior to each concert, the audience has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and beauty of Villa Longoni through a QR CODE-guided visit.



We extend our heartfelt gratitude to thea Fondazione della Comunità di Monza e Brianza for their valuable contribution to the project, to the Municipality of Desio for their patronage, and to Villa Longoni for their splendid hospitality. Without their support, it would have been impossible to realize these cultural experiences that allow us to discover and appreciate the beauty of our territory.

Villa Longoni

Villa Longoni is a historic 20th-century residence built by the Longoni family next to the eponymous hosiery factory founded in 1921 by Giuseppe Longoni. It is an elegant villa that houses ancient chandeliers, gilded mirrors, and ceilings adorned with decorative stucco. Since 2020, the Brianza Community Consortium has reopened the villa to the public: today, it serves as a social and educational project dedicated to young people and a co-working space for professionals in the artisanal and creative sectors. It also serves as a venue for cultural initiatives and events!



The Villa hosts the permanent exhibition “CASA E BOTTEGA,” featuring vintage photographs of the Longoni family, prints, and historical documents related to the hosiery factory. By following the exhibition path and listening to recorded audio, visitors can embark on a journey through the productive history of the “Calzificio Elgi” and discover the stories of the individuals who inhabited the residence.